Early Spring

Spring is comingĀ  to Vermont — the light lingers later and has more warmth, the sugar house up the road has steam billowing out the top so we know the sap is running in the maples, but snow still falls more often than not. I have had one of those colds and coughs that linger for weeks and makes my pillow more appealing than my laptop, and a few days ago my old back injury decided to flair up for no apparent reason, and the novel I was working hard at decided to stall. Grumble, grumble.

So, with a box of tissues at hand and a heating pad behind me, I embarked on a new novel. As often in the past when things aren’t going well, I turn to dragons. This novel is called Wings Over Water, and not only does it have dragons, it has whales! It’s practically writing itself, and it is such fun. The main characters are brand new, but old friends will crop up for sure. It harkens back to The Dragon and his Knight, and it’s about a dragon who ensorcells an unsuspecting human. Only this takes place in modern times, not the Middle Ages. Poor Ryan Barrows, a young ER doctor, has no idea what has hit him and why his life is suddenly all about Shad O’Day, who has plenty of problems of his own. And it’s got boats and beaches and a rogue wave and whales who have all the answers, and some pissed off dragons and all kinds of fun stuff. This one is looking to be novel length and self published, joining all my other dragon books, whose self publishing adventure is eventually getting underway. Promise.

Stay tuned!

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